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Get the Most Out of Trade Shows This Year

Farm trade shows can be a fun way to network, expand your knowledge, and learn ways to improve your farm operation.

CropCare offers the following tips to help you get the most out of the 2017-18 lineup of trade shows. Go prepared so you get the most out of it.

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Use trade show mobile apps to locate exhibitors and plan your schedule.

Research & Mobile Apps

Look online for the trade show event(s) you plan to attend. See if there is an event map available, especially one that includes a list of participating trade show vendors and their display locations. Plot your course.

Some events have mobile apps specifically designed for trade show events, which can help you view a show map, mark booths to see, view the contacts/sales reps who will be at each booth, and get contact information for vendors. You can also learn about workshops and discounts more easily.

SE Regional 2017, the official mobile app for the 2017 SE Regional Fruit & Vegetable Conference, lets attendees explore sessions, develop their own personal schedules, access speaker information, and post and view popular discussion topics and show-related photos.

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5 tips to be profitable in 2017

farming, profitable farming, farming tips, agriculture, farm profits, ag profits, farming success, 2017 profitsCropCare offers the following tips to farmers for remaining profitable this year:

  1. Have a farm financial plan in place that projects an estimated crop income and expenses (including labor costs and equipment maintenance). In years with above average crop prices, try to save 20% of your revenue for lean times.
  2. Precision agriculture can help monitor crop yield, track crop variations, levels of fertility, and more. This comprehensive list is a helpful guide to precision ag terminology and advantages. Keep records each year to determine profit flux and the possible reasons for them.
  3. Get the most life out of your equipment investment. Take care of the equipment you already own, with proper and routine maintenance, as well as proper storage. See our December Post
  4. Apply nutrients and pesticides efficiently, and not before conducting a soil test. Knowing what is needed can help you avoid spraying too much (a waste of money and product) or avoid spraying too little (resulting in a lower crop yield).
  5. Lastly, consider diversified operations, whether by growing different crops, offering storage to others, providing agritainment, etc. See diversification suggestions from Penn State Extension.

10 Tips: Get the Most Out of Farm & Trade Shows

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CropCare tip: Gain insight from other show-goers, not just exhibitors. Trade shows are filled with like-minded people looking for solutions.

Farm and trade shows are great destinations for those in the ag industry.

You can see farm equipment displays, hundreds of ag-related exhibits, and have lots of opportunities to meet and talk with other farmers – all in one place.

CropCare wants to make sure you get the most out of the trade shows you attend, so we’ve compiled a list of 10 tips to help: Continue reading ..

Mulch lifter will help potato farmer in Iceland

Sveinn Rúnar Ragnarsson and his wife, Ragnheiður, work on Akurnes, a farm in southeast Iceland.

There, with his parents, Ragnar Jónsson and Ingunn Jónsdóttir, they grow and harvest around 250 to 300 tons of potatoes annually.plastic mulch, mulch retriever, PR2500, CropCare, potatoes, Iceland

“My grandfather and grandmother founded the farm in 1937,” says Ragnarsson.

They also raise 500 sheep on Akurnes, and produce cheese from the ewe milk.

The farm is situated in scenic Hornafjördur, nestled between nature preserves, high cliffs, and fjords. Continue reading ..