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Mulch lifter will help potato farmer in Iceland

Sveinn Rúnar Ragnarsson and his wife, Ragnheiður, work on Akurnes, a farm in southeast Iceland.

There, with his parents, Ragnar Jónsson and Ingunn Jónsdóttir, they grow and harvest around 250 to 300 tons of potatoes annually.plastic mulch, mulch retriever, PR2500, CropCare, potatoes, Iceland

“My grandfather and grandmother founded the farm in 1937,” says Ragnarsson.

They also raise 500 sheep on Akurnes, and produce cheese from the ewe milk.

The farm is situated in scenic Hornafjördur, nestled between nature preserves, high cliffs, and fjords. Continue reading ..

Is Your Sprayer Nozzle the Right Material?

poly nozzle sprayer tip
Poly Sprayer Nozzle

Sprayer tips can be made from various materials, mainly soft metal (aluminum or brass), polypropylene, stainless steel, hardened stainless steel, or ceramic.

When choosing the nozzle for your sprayer application, think about the nozzle’s cost, its longevity/durability, and its performance/accuracy. (See Tips For Choosing The Right Sprayer Nozzle.)

The material it’s made of will play an integral role in meeting your needs.

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Check Your Sprayer Before Spring Use

3PT300_Studio_IsolatedProper care of your ag sprayer can add years to its life, and could eliminate downtime in the field.

Here’s a quick checklist to make sure your sprayer is ready to go this spring:

  • Flush the sprayer to cleanse it of antifreeze or buildup, and to ensure its plumbing system, seals and gaskets have not suffered any winter damage.
  • Remove, inspect and clean the main system screen, boom line screens and nozzle screens.
  •  Do a visual inspection for any worn parts, loose bolts, or other visible problems, and make necessary repairs.
  • Clean your sprayer’s nozzles, and test the nozzle flow rates. (Teejet® recommends replacing nozzles after every spraying season.)
  • Inspect all wire of electric and automatic rate controls and test their operation.

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Aging Farmer Extends Career with Picking Assistant

(Machine enables farmer to lie down while picking/planting)


The decades Joe Faust spent operating a dairy farm and multi-crop business caught up to him at age 75.

But Joe’s mind was telling him, “No way!”

With CropCare’s Picking Assistant, he doesn’t have to.

Joe, with his wife Rosi, own The Berry Dairy in Malone, Wisconsin. It began as a dairy farm in 1977, but when milk prices began falling, they started growing strawberries and sweet corn to supplement their income. They eventually sold the dairy herd and concentrated on their fruit and vegetable operations.

strawberry growers at The Berry Dairy who use the picking assistant from CropCare
Joe and Rosi Faust are shown in this photo from Trust Local Foods. You can find more information about The Berry Dairy at their Facebook page.

Thankfully, the couple’s sons, Jeff and Joey, now operate much of the 18-acre produce farm and greenhouses. But Joe isn’t ready to stop working altogether.

“I used to pick berries for two hours, and then I’d have to take a break,” said the 75-year-old farmer. “With the Picking Assistant, I can pick berries for 8 to 10 hours a day, sometimes more.” Continue reading ..

5 Ways CropCare Improves Ag

CropCare engineers innovate ag equipment using technology that improves farming, yet they focus on function, not flash. CropCare engineers strive to offer the best value – the right mix of affordability and quality.

Good morning from CropCare sprayers
CropCare Equipment is silhouetted by the sunrise in Lancaster County, PA.

Here’s five ways CropCare improves agriculture with its product line:

1. Easy to Use

CropCare engineers spend a lot of time studying the way farmers and machine operators physically interact with farm equipment, right down to where controls are located. Continue reading ..