Manual fold boom on 3pt sprayer

Standard Features

  • Heavy duty powder coated steel frame & components
  • Boom breakaway system
  • Engineered to smoothly fold open or close

160" (13') Manual X-fold Boom

Ideal for turf or ATV spraying

13 foot manual fold boom

20' Manual X-fold Boom

Covers eight (8) 30" rows

20 foot manual fold boom

30' Manual X-fold Boom

Covers twelve (12) 30" rows

30 foot manual fold boom

Boom folding and breakaway mechanism on 30' models.

30 and 35 foot folding mechanism and breakaway protection

Optional Boom suspension system (30' booms) helps booms ride smoother, increases application accuracy, and reduces stress on booms

Boom suspension system

20'-30' Boomless Nozzles

Excellent for rocky or rough terrain where accuracy isn’t essential

35 foot manual fold boom