ATV Sprayers

ATV Series Sprayer

CropCare® ATV sprayers are built for spraying lawns, meadows, turf, pastures, or food plots. This heavy-duty sprayer is easily secured with tie-down straps to the rear rack on most All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs). CropCare® provides a full one year warranty on ATV sprayers.



  • Powder coated frame
  • TeeJet® adjustable spray handgun
  • 15’ durable spray hose
  • Boom breakaway protection
  • In-tank filter
  • Air inducted spray nozzles for improved drift control
  • 25 gal tank
  • 1 year limited warranty


Pressure regulator, with a liquid filled pressure gauge, and wiring harness with an in-line switch is used to stop and start the pump.


The sprayer is powered by a 3 gpm Shurflo® diaphragm pump that operates from the 12 V battery on the ATV.

Boom Options

13 foot manual x-fold boom

13' Manual X-fold Boom

  • Boom breakaway protection
  • Non-drip TeeJet® nozzle bodies
  • TeeJet® air inducted flat fan spray nozzles
boomless sprayer nozzle

20' Boomless Nozzles

  • Economical alternative to a traditional boom
  • Excellent for rocky or rough terrain where accuracy is less critical

Accessory Option

2.5 gal CropCare® turf marker system reduces overlapping or missed areas and is perfect for use on lawns, turf, or pasture.

ATX shoot sprayer

Great American Outdoor Show: Crop Care ATV Sprayer

Take a look at the high end ATV Sprayer from crop care. It offers high quality parts and offers additional features such as a foam marking system.