Trusted for 70+ Years

It all started in 1947 when Paul B. Zimmerman combined his farming experience with his love of machinery, and opened a small metal shop near Ephrata, PA. 

Farming neighbors would drop by and ask Paul and his sons for help building or fixing a sprayer. Over the years, the shop grew as Paul and his sons designed and built equipment that helped our neighbors fulfill their expectations for good crop yield and quality of life

CropCare’s goal is the same today: to shape innovative solutions that benefit you, our neighbor.

CropCare’s home is still in beautiful Lancaster County, PA, an area known nationally for its workmanship. Our equipment is manufactured by PBZ LLC, a Paul B. Zimmerman, Inc. company. 

The mission of the Paul B. Zimmerman, Inc. family of companies…

Paul B. Zimmerman, Inc. is a business family with a tradition of serving people and helping customers in the spirit of Christ. We are called to use our God-given talents and ingenuity to benefit our customers, employees, the church and community.

The vision of PBZ LLC…

To shape innovative solutions in alignment with God’s creation.