The Complete Guide to Starting an Orchard

Growing fresh fruit is an excellent way to eat healthier, increase self-sufficiency and spend more time outside. Whether you want to grow fruit to sell or use at home, an orchard can expand your opportunities. From finding the right planting spot to giving your crops the optimal growing conditions, research will help you succeed. Here’s a […]

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Best Crops for Each Hardiness Zone in the US

best crops for each hardiness zone in the US

Getting outside and working in the dirt can help boost your mental health and reduce stress. Knowing your United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) zone can help you more successfully grow plants outside. While growing indoors and in greenhouses lets you plant whatever you want, planting outside often means watching for frost, humidity and high temperatures. Understanding the […]

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8 Crops You Can Grow in Winter

crops in a snowy field

Winter growing is an excellent way to complement income from warm-weather crops, but you must choose plants that can withstand the cold and occasionally help them along. With a bit of planning, you can harvest crops year-round, including some that improve in the colder temperatures. Plus, the demands for weeding, watering and pest control are […]

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What Do Farmers Do During the Winter?

crop field covered in snow

Farmers have a slight break in winter due to the lull in crop growth and harvesting. However, farms still bustle with activity despite the dips in temperature. Why are farmers busy in the winter? Explore the different tasks farmers complete as the cold weather sets in, from crop planning and equipment maintenance to property repairs. […]

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The History of Agriculture

rows of crops

Agriculture is essential to life, and understanding the evolution of practices and technologies helps us find more ways to improve our processes. Agriculture has roots that date back thousands of years, and its development changed how people lived and paved the way for cities and civilizations to grow. Today, farming remains essential to the world’s […]

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Start an Herb Garden Inside Your Home

Herbs are popular for their aromas, fragrances and versatility. You can grow an herb garden indoors without contending with the elements. Many herb varieties like basil, cilantro, chives, parsley, dill and rosemary thrive indoors because you can control the lighting and climate. An indoor herb garden also offers aromatic fragrances, ornamental features and easy access […]

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8 Common Plant Diseases and How to Fix Them 

common plant diseases

You work hard to produce quality crops for your community, but diseased plants can affect your livelihood and food stock. By understanding different plant diseases, you can spot signs of infection, treat symptoms and prevent the spread. Here’s how to identify and control these conditions for healthy growth. How Do You Identify a Plant Disease? […]

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Plants to Avoid if You Have Pets

a dog sitting in a garden

Household plants and gardens create elegant and sustainable spaces. However, some plants are toxic to animals, and your crops could endanger your dogs, cats and other creatures. You must understand which indoor and outdoor plants can harm your pet, especially if they’re prone to inspecting new blooms or digging in the garden. Discover which plants […]

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How to Compost

compost being added to dirt

Many kitchen waste items can become compost. Rather than sending them to the landfill, you can use these materials to benefit your plants. Composting is easier than it may seem, and you can reap the benefits of these materials without taking up much space. Compost can improve your soil’s water-holding abilities and texture. Whether you […]

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What Is Seed Saving?

Seed saving is an agricultural method for preserving unique cultures and plant varieties. Many farmers preserve unique plants and crops — like flavorful and nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables — by saving, replanting and exchanging their seeds. This process of seed saving is very intricate. When done correctly, it can yield numerous benefits for farmers, families and communities. […]

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