Become a Dealer

Why Partner With CropCare?

  • We’ve been designing, building and selling sprayers for decades. Our experienced team is here to provide a great experience for you and your customers.
  • Our equipment is manufactured from start to finish in our facilities in Lancaster County, PA, an area known nationally for its workmanship. 
  • We take a heavy duty approach to building our products to provide a greater return on investment to our dealers and their customers.
  • Leads we receive through our website, social media, or call-ins are forwarded to you.
  • A password-protected Dealer Portal that provides contact information, sales and marketing documentation, product support materials, and much more.

Become a Dealer

CropCare® manufactures small to midsize agricultural sprayers and specialty vegetable equipment to fulfill your customers’ expectations for good crop yield and quality of life.

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    10 Benefits Our CropCare Dealers Enjoy:

    1. Dealer Portal: The free portal, easily accessed at, serves as a central location for tons of dealer support, updates, educational material, downloadable sales and marketing tools, and more.

    2. Quick Quote Tool: Makes quoting super easy, especially in the ag sprayer category. Dealers place in options, step by step. A sales quote can be easily achieved without studying any price sheets. There is no app to purchase. Just log in and access it.

    3. Free Blog Subscription: Industry news, product announcements, new information and company notifications are located in one central blog that’s updated regularly.

    4. Free Sales Order Log: See and track all orders placed, with a price list.

    5. Ad reimbursement/Co-Op Advertising: CropCare Equipment pays half the cost of advertisements run by our dealers (up to a certain percentage of sales). On ads that CropCare runs, the dealer’s name, address and phone number are listed in publications our dealers have chosen (for a small fee).

    6. Free, year-round listing of dealerships on

    7. Free dealer training events throughout the year, and on-site support. We have a Dealer Support Expert on staff to visit your dealership personally.

    10 Reasons You Should Be A CropCare Dealer

    8. Free Sales and Technical Support: The majority of the business is staffed by those in the ag industry, and a dedicated technical service department is available for consultation. Our Research and Development Team welcomes feedback and ideas. Plus, our parent company, Paul B. Zimmerman, Inc., has a marketing department dedicated to promoting CropCare’s product line on print and digital platforms.

    9. Trade shows: CropCare staff will offer trade show notification and support via training, advice or physically being on site in partnership with dealers.

    10. Early Order Program:  CropCare does not require a high inventory amount. Delayed Payment Plan: Order product in September, no need to pay until May 31.

    Bonus: People. Yes, you will deal with humans and have actual, genuine conversations with people on staff when you need support, products or questions answered.