Single Reel Plastic Mulch Lifter-Wrapper

Single Reel Plastic Mulch Lifter-Wrapper

The Single Reel Single Reel Plastic Mulch Lifter-Wrapper is built with space in mind, or the lack thereof. It attaches to the three point hitch of a small tractor, and retrieves plastic mulch from tight orchard rows.

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CropCare mulch wrapper


  • Quick hitch compatible
  • Easy-to-operate thumb controls
  • Attaches to category 1 or 2 three point hitches
  • 2 year limited warranty


The operator platform provides a complete view of the operation, and the convenient motor control allows you to control the tension on the plastic with just your thumb. You’ll quickly find that using the PR1500 is simple and even enjoyable.


Single center 12″ cutting wheel splits the plastic while the side coulters cut any vines or trash at the edge of the plastic.


One reel wraps both pieces of plastic simultaneously. Under normal conditions, the PR1500 recovers plastic at speeds of 3-5 M.P.H. Removing plastic from the collapsible 45″ reel arm is fast, simple, and requires no bolts, pins, or rods to be removed.