Shielded Boom Sprayers

Shielded Boom Sprayers

CropCare® 110 gal shielded sprayers increase targeted herbicide spray capabilities between rows where it is critical to prevent drift on the surrounding vegetables, fruits, or other crops. The clear Lexan shields are adjustable for different row widths, and the spray tips can easily be moved to various settings. Most adjustments can be made quickly without the use of any tools.

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  • Heavy-duty powder coated steel frame & components
  • In-line filter system
  • Quick-attach non-drip nozzle bodies
  • Jet agitation
  • Attaches to category 1 or 2 three point hitches
  • 110 gallons
  • 2 year limited warranty


Manual controls are conveniently reached from the tractor seat. Two levers provide individual shut-offs for each set of spray nozzles. A pressure regulator valve provides tank agitation and spray system pressure adjustment.

Pump Options

All pump options have a capacity of 9.7 gpm and 150 psi.

  • Hypro® 6500C cast iron
    • Maximum pump life of 140 hours
  • Hypro® 6500N ni-resist
    • Maximum pump life of 332 hours
  • Hypro® 6500XL silver series
    • Pump still meets new pump specs at 1000 hours


  • TeeJet® extended range air induction flat fan nozzles
    • Spray herbicides across a wide pressure range (15-90 psi)

Shielded Boom

The shielded boom is versatile and can be set to many different heights and widths. The clear shields are made of tough Lexan plastic. A wheel on the front of each shield allows it to ride on the ground to provide maximum drift protection at all times.

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CropCare is a reliable company, just like their products. They are synonymous with vegetable farmers’ needs, and it is a privilege dealing with farmers and CropCare!

-Bob Waterman, Sabattus, ME

We appreciate the quality and the easy settings of the CropCare sprayers. CropCare is one of the great manufacturers in our line of options. They create a great value for our customers.

-Zimmerman Farm Service, Inc., Bethel, PA

This thing (the Picking Assistant) makes harvest easy and fun and takes laying down on the job to a whole new level!


We like the great service and availability we get from CropCare. We like how they help us deal with problems and issues that arise. Also helping us to resolve warranty issues

As a hunting camp owner, and habitat enthusiast, I’m absolutely delighted to have a CropCare ATX 60 gallon sprayer with 13’ boom mounted in our UTV. (AND a 25 gallon ATV sprayer.) After years of fiddling with DIY and budget sprayers, it’s a joy to have a heavy duty, built to last machine. It handles all our food plot, orchard and invasive species management tasks with a[...Learn more]


The #1 tool we liked was the CropCare Picking Assistant…and we love it. We use it for planting, weeding, and harvesting. It is so great to spend the whole day in the garden and your back is not stiff nor painful at the end of the day. Our farm now has about 3 acres in production, and it is just the two of us to do all the work. Well, our Maine Coon cat loves to supervise [...Learn more]


Plastic Mulch Layer

  • Lay plastic mulch flat or lay beds from 5" - 10" high
  • 4' - 5' wide mulch/bed
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CropCare mulch wrapper

Single Reel Plastic Mulch Lifter-Wrapper

  • Quick hitch compatible
  • Easy-to-operate thumb controls
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Double Reel Plastic Mulch Lifter-Wrapper

  • Heavy-duty powder coated steel frame & components
  • Easy-to-operate thumb controls
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ATX60 Vineyard Sprayer

  • 8' tall booms
  • Hand wand with 15' of hose
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hydraulic corn sprayer

High Pressure Produce Sprayers

  • Heavy-duty powder-coated steel frame & components
  • Easy-to-operate manual or electric controls
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Picking Assistant

  • Dual high torque gear motors
  • Dual 12 volt batteries
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