200, 300, 400 Gallon

Trailer Sprayers for Small to Mid-Size Farms

CropCare® trailer sprayers come with 200, 300 and 400 gallon tanks perfect for coating large crops, caring for pastures, and keeping up with the agricultural demands of small to mid-size farms. These sprayers use tractor power to save you money on fuel, and hitch to the back for high mobility and accurate boom placement. Our trailers arrive wet-tested and ready to spray so you can get to work. For trailer sprayers in your area, find your nearest dealer. 

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400 gallon corn sprayer

Features & Highlights

  • Versatility: Customize with a manual or hydraulic boom or high-pressure controls for spraying produce crops.
  • Variety: Choose between 200, 300 and 400 gallon tank sizes to cover large spaces, up to a medium-sized farm.
  • Dependability: We engineer and manufacture innovative trailer sprayers and back them with a two-year limited warranty.
  • Durability: Heavy duty powder coated steel frame & components
  • Adjustability: Build the right sprayer for your agricultural application with a wide variety of options and accessories.
  • Simplicity: Our trailer sprayers feature manual or electronic controls for equipment operation just the way you like it.

Control Options

  • Manual Controls
  • Electric Controls
  • Automatic Rate Control
  • Automatic Section Control

Pump Options

CropCare® sprayers are offered with a variety of pump selections to best utilize your tractor’s capabilities and enable you to achieve the performance required for your various application needs.

  • Hypro® Belt Drive Centrifugal Pumps: Capacity up to 76 GPM and 95 PSI
  • Ace® Hydraulic Drive Centrifugal Pumps: Capacity up to 130 GPM and 120 PSI
  • Hypro® Diaphragm Pumps: Capacity up to 34 GPM and 290 PSI

Choosing the Right Boom

Spray lines of crops or cover an extensive field with our selection of manual and hydraulic booms and boomless spraying nozzles. These pair with our agricultural sprayers to meet your unique needs and spraying demands. Whether spraying a perimeter, row crops, a field or a pasture, the right boom depends on plot size and application.

  • Manual booms: Our 20′ and 30′ X-fold manual booms are perfect for 200, 300 and 400 gallon tank sprayers, with optional boom suspensions on 30′ models.
  • Hydraulic booms: Choose from hydraulic booms with independent arms and air-ride suspensions in sizes ranging from a 25′ single-sided booms up to 60′ wide.
  • Boomless nozzles: Choose a boomless nozzle for spraying chemicals over rocky and rough terrain when coverage counts and you have room for overspray.

Spray Nozzle Options

The ideal spray nozzle choice is determined by application needs, weather conditions, and the chemicals being applied. Additional spray nozzles and nozzle sizes are available.

  • TeeJet® Extended Range(XRC) Flat Fan Nozzles
  • TeeJet® Air Induction(AIC) Flat Fan Nozzles
  • TeeJet® Turbo Floodjet Wide Angle Flat Fan Nozzle
400 gallon corn sprayer


  • TeeJet® GPS guidance systems
  • 5 way plumbing control valve
  • Chemical eduction system
  • Fresh water rinse system
  • Power wash system with jug rinse and washdown hose
  • Boom lap nozzle
  • TeeJet® triple nozzle body kit
  • 2″ quick-fill
  • Safety light kit
  • In-line boom filters
  • Hydraulic boom height control
  • CropCare® foam marker
  • Sight tube
  • Side step
400 gallon CropCare sprayer

The Benefits of Trailer Sprayers

A trailer sprayer helps you get more from your fields with accurate spraying across large areas. Use equipment that does the work for you, and quickly tend farmland and pasture from the comfort of your tractor. Our sprayers are made for fast setup and simple use, helping you make the most of the workday while ensuring each row of crops gets the treatment it needs with measured accuracy. With our trailers, a single operator can spray large volumes fast and with controlled accuracy, improving coverage and efficiency.

Choosing the Right Trailer Sprayer

Choosing the right size sprayer makes spraying more efficient. Depending on your farm size and rate of spray, our 200, 300 or 400 tank trailers may fit your applications. For example, a 300 gallon tank set to spray 10 gallons-per-acre (GPA) will cover 30 acres on a single fill, saving time on mixing and filling. Fewer refills mean greater control over spillage for easier cleanup and reduced waste.

Spray insecticide, fungicide, pesticide, defoliant and other chemicals in the amounts you want. Configure the sprayer you need with optional automatic rate control, manual or electric controls, automatic section control and controls for high-pressure sprayers. We offer pumps with varying capacities for gallons-per-minute (GPM) and PSI, delivering the quantities you need at the right pressure suited for your uses.

400 gallon corn and alfalfa sprayer

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See What Customers Are Saying About CropCare!

We’re pleased to provide local farmers with quality CropCare brand spraying equipment, along with quality seed and a variety of planter parts. Each order is customized to meet each individual farmer’s needs.

-James McAdams, Brier Ridge Seed

This thing (the Picking Assistant) makes harvest easy and fun and takes laying down on the job to a whole new level!


We decided to add the Crop Care brand to strengthen the Java Farm Supply family of quality brands. We found their line of field sprayers will work on all farm sizes. The support from their field team is also very good. Crop Care is quality throughout.

-Mike Bookmiller, Java, NY

As a hunting camp owner, and habitat enthusiast, I’m absolutely delighted to have a CropCare ATX 60 gallon sprayer with 13’ boom mounted in our UTV. (AND a 25 gallon ATV sprayer.) After years of fiddling with DIY and budget sprayers, it’s a joy to have a heavy duty, built to last machine. It handles all our food plot, orchard and invasive species management tasks with a[...Learn more]


There is not one thing I don’t like about my 1,000 Gallon Trailer Sprayer. I really don’t know why anybody that wants a trailer sprayer would not want one of these 🙂


I purchased a 400 gallon pull sprayer with 30’ booms. I’ve been very pleased with quality and customer service. Parts have been available as needed. Thanks for your good service.

-Stan, Alabama

The #1 tool we liked was the CropCare Picking Assistant…and we love it. We use it for planting, weeding, and harvesting. It is so great to spend the whole day in the garden and your back is not stiff nor painful at the end of the day. Our farm now has about 3 acres in production, and it is just the two of us to do all the work. Well, our Maine Coon cat loves to supervise [...Learn more]


CropCare is a reliable company, just like their products. They are synonymous with vegetable farmers’ needs, and it is a privilege dealing with farmers and CropCare!

-Bob Waterman, Sabattus, ME

hydraulic boom

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