CropCare Optimized 50gal Sprayer

AGX500T Optimized 500 Gal Trailer Sprayer

Value-optimized from the ground up. Your choice of boom. Your choice of controller. A wide range of optional accessories. Engineered to give you CropCare® quality at an exceptional price. The AGX500T has been optimized for today’s farm — yours. Find a dealer or use our contact form.

Standard Features

  • 20" nozzle spacing, single nozzle bodies
  • Hypro® 9402C, 540RPM PTO centrifugal pump
  • 5-section electric controls
  • 12.4"x28" wheel kit
  • TeeJet® wheel speed sensor kit

Boom Options

  • 45' X-Fold Boom
  • 45' Front Fold Boom
  • 60' Front Fold Boom

Controller Options

  • T425K
    • TeeJet® to Raven® adapter
  • 90-50143
    • TeeJet® 844E 5-section console, auto-rate control
  • 90-50263
    • TeeJet® 8140 7-section capable console, auto-rate control
  • SC500
    • CropCare® 5-section console, electric, manual rate control
  • SCS450K
    • Raven® SCS450 6-section capable console, auto-rate control

Sprayer Accessories

  • Sprayer Rinse System
  • Chemical Eduction System
  • Quick-Fill (to Sprayer Tank)
  • Safety Rinse Tank
  • Boom Lap (Fence Row) Nozzle
  • 5 Gallon Foam Marker