Crop Care ATV lawn sprayer

ATV Series Sprayer

CropCare® ATV sprayers are built for spraying lawns, meadows, turf, pastures, or food plots. This heavy-duty sprayer is easily secured with tie-down straps to the rear rack on most All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs). CropCare offers a full one year warranty on ATV sprayers.

ATV Sprayer with 12' Boom

The 12' Boom provides Break-Away Protection, non-drip Teejet® Nozzle Bodies & ceramic flat fan spray nozzles.

25 Gallon ATV sprayer, 20' Boomless Nozzles

ATV sprayer pump with regulator gauge
pump with regulator and gauge

Boomless nozzles provide an economical alternative to a traditional boom, and are excellent for rocky or rough terrain where accuracy isn't essential.

ATV Sprayer with Boomless Nozzles

Accessory Options

turf marker
F2500 Turf Marker on 25 Gallon ATV Sprayer

Choosing the correct accessories adds versatility, accuracy, and ease of use to your sprayer.