Crop Care picking assistant

PA1600 Picking Assistant

The Picking Assistant is designed for all your small to large scale crop harvesting, weeding, planting, and bed maintenance needs. The simple design increases the efficiency of your field workers by protecting them from the weather, saving back strain, and keeping them going strong throughout the day. See article at Vegetable Growers News

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PA1600 Standard Features

´┐╝PA1600 includes a variable speed controller, allowing the operator to move at different speeds, rather than preset speeds.

See the PA1600 in action
pa1600 height adjustment
Height adjustment and zinc-plated brackets
  • Dual high torque gear motors
  • Dual 12 volt batteries
  • Durable, easy-to-clean comfort pads
  • A solar charging system maintains the battery charge (in most field conditions)
  • 110 V battery charger included so that the batteries can be charged when the unit is in storage for extended periods of time
  • Picking height adjustment 20″ to 30″
  • Width adjustment 36″ to 66″
  • All weather canopy
  • Max speed is appx. 44 ft. per minute
  • 2 year Limited Warranty

PA1600 Solar Panels & Batteries

picking assistant motor
Dual solar panels

A solar charging system minimizes the need to charge batteries using a 110v charger. The solar panels are easily removed and can be stored in the rear storage tray. Charger available as separate accessory option.

PA1600 Drive System

picking assistant motor
Gear drive system

Direct gear drive system and wider tires greatly improve traction and flotation. A variable speed controller allows operator to move at different speeds rather than preset speeds.

PA1600 Produce Tray

picking assistant motor
Adjustable front picking tray

Large rear tray holds five strawberry flats to minimize trips to and from the field. Adjustable picking tray tilts toward the operator, adjusts in height, and rotates in 45″ increments. Zinc-coated clamps and wheel posts make adjustments easy.

PA1600 Comfort Pads

pa1600 height adjustment
Durable and easy to clean comfort pads

Durable and easy-to-clean, these vinyl covered foam pads are adjustable to keep operators comfortable no matter their height.

PA1600 Optional Accessories (not included)

pa1600 height adjustment
LEDs provide exceptional light

PA1650 Light Kit
Provides light for operators picking early in the morning or late into the night. LEDs provide exceptional light while drawing a low amount of power from the batteries.