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Mulch lifter will help potato farmer in Iceland

Sveinn Rúnar Ragnarsson and his wife, Ragnheiður, work on Akurnes, a farm in southeast Iceland.

There, with his parents, Ragnar Jónsson and Ingunn Jónsdóttir, they grow and harvest around 250 to 300 tons of potatoes annually.plastic mulch, mulch retriever, PR2500, CropCare, potatoes, Iceland

“My grandfather and grandmother founded the farm in 1937,” says Ragnarsson.

They also raise 500 sheep on Akurnes, and produce cheese from the ewe milk.

The farm is situated in scenic Hornafjördur, nestled between nature preserves, high cliffs, and fjords. Continue reading ..

Need to lift plastic mulch? No problem

With fall just around the corner, there’s likely farmers out there dreading the task of picking up the plastic mulch that helped their produce crops flourish this spring and summer. Picking up plastic mulch by hand is dirty, strenuous and time-consuming.

At Pine Valley Farms in Rochester Mills, Pa., Jeff and Kegan Wright plan to get their 21 acres of mulch lifted and rolled in less than 13 hours using CropCares PR2500, also known as the Plastic Mulch Lifter/Wrapper. Continue reading ..

5 Ways CropCare Improves Ag

CropCare engineers innovate ag equipment using technology that improves farming, yet they focus on function, not flash. CropCare engineers strive to offer the best value – the right mix of affordability and quality.

Good morning from CropCare sprayers
CropCare Equipment is silhouetted by the sunrise in Lancaster County, PA.

Here’s five ways CropCare improves agriculture with its product line:

1. Easy to Use

CropCare engineers spend a lot of time studying the way farmers and machine operators physically interact with farm equipment, right down to where controls are located. Continue reading ..

Our Sprayers Help Farmers, Athletes, Hunters and More

Our products are used in many industries

When you see our 1000 gallon (AGX1000) sprayers, with their in-line filter systems and massive hydraulic fold booms, you likely assume CropCare Equipment serves the owners of multi-thousand-acre commercial farms, and you would be correct.

sprayers used for field maintenance
CropCare’s ATV and ATX sprayers help maintain athletic fields, such as those used by the Tampa Bay Rowdies, the American professional soccer team based in Tampa Bay, Florida.

But you may be surprised to learn that our equipment also enables members of the Tampa Bay Rowdies professional soccer team to maintain their fleeted feet, increases water quality along streams, helps Driscoll’s berries provide the sweet, juicy strawberries you snack on, and helps poultry houses keep disease at bay.

We’ve helped school districts and universities maintain their athletic fields and campuses, and we’ve given outdoorsmen a way to take hunting to another level. Continue reading ..